Blogging Frenzy & family BBQ


yeah, I had MUCH to catch up in blogland. This should be the last of it (I think I did 7…SEVEN!?). Sunday we hosted a BBQ for Keith’s family. He had family in town from Arizona and Texas, sounds like a great reason to have everyone over, dontchathink?

L to R: Keith’s dad, Grandpa and Uncle

July 2011 678

Back row: Keith, sister Lindy, brother Neil, Grandma Evelyn + Dad, Grandpa and Uncle  July 2011 682

I forgot to count how many cousins there were at our house but it was A LOT. Our couch got a lot of use. They had so much fun jumping all over one another.

July 2011 684 July 2011 685 July 2011 689

Many of our relatives hadn’t ever been in either Cuppa Yo. The new one has plenty of space for large groups so we had a Pow-Wow over there. It was pretty much a Clayton invasion.

July 2011 695 

Grandpa + Jackson July 2011 699 July 2011 700 July 2011 702 July 2011 704 

The whole family. I had to go to work at the other store. Lame. July 2011 711 

The cousins. July 2011 719

I’ve got some bad but exciting news. Jackson started crawling tonight (July 12). It’s the cutest little army crawl. Oh man. Lots of work ahead of us! He’s still toothless, but I’m pretty sure one of those isn’t far behind either. It’s about to get interesting!

July 2011 729

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