Look whooo’s one!

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since this post and this post and this post!
Saturday we celebrated Jackson’s first year of life. Talk about surreal. Everyone always talks about how fast time flies and that is no joke.
We love our little man to pieces! We could not imagine a happier, more relaxed, more loveable or more perfect fit for our family! I think I might do something more in depth later (I think it would be fun to look back on the past year in pictures, but here are some teaser pictures from the party…more to come later)
What you are looking at here is an “owl”. Sort of. The theme was owls, okay?! I guess it turned out more like a balding man with psychedelic eyes.  I tried.
The party was at Cuppa Yo East siiiiiyyyyyde. (the new spot). It was a great way to break in the party room (his was the first of many, hopefully) so we also were able to get someone in there to take some pro shots. Those will be on here in the next couple of weeks, fo sho.
Happy birthday, Jackson Cruz! We love you so much!

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