Turning 29, Keith Edition

Before we get started, something about this picture just makes me smile.

July 2011 240

Keith turned 29. Yup, the last year of his 20s. With the second store being open only 2 days I wasn’t able to plan much of anything. Having seen the Cycle Pub around I thought it would be  a great way to host some friends without really hosting. What is the Cylce Pub, you ask? A giant bike of sorts with a table used primarily for setting down one’s beer. A pub on wheels. Awesome.

July 2011 245

Pizza Mondo. Practically a requirement. Yumm. July 2011 246

Our driver. She tells us the rules then steers the pub through the streets of Bend. This is how all of this manages to be legal. July 2011 248

Check out the party favors: Cuppa Yo shades. Epic. July 2011 249

Everyone makes the pub move by pedaling. Awesome.

 July 2011 250 July 2011 251  July 2011 253 July 2011 254 July 2011 255 July 2011 257

The hills were sort of scary. But Awesome.

July 2011 259 July 2011 260 July 2011 271

I think everyone did have a great time. It was a success. Lindy and Matt (sister and bro-in-law of Keith) came down the day before to check out the new store and were able to stay the night for the pub. Good times.

July 2011 275 July 2011 276 July 2011 279 July 2011 280 July 2011 282  July 2011 284

Stopped for a Cuppa Yo, of course!  Cuppa Yo + Beer = fun birthday. For the record, no drunkeness occurred. All in moderation, friends :)July 2011 287 July 2011 288 July 2011 289 July 2011 294 July 2011 296 July 2011 299 July 2011 304

Happy Birthday, Keith! I can’t believe we’ve been celebrating birthdays since we were 17! It’s cool. LOVE!

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  1. this is seriously the COOLEST thing!! I want to do a cycle pub! but we would be seriously limited to where we could go as our hills are ca-razy...


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