Father’s Day 2011

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He’s great. Hands on. Energetic. Silly. FUNNY. Fearless. Lots of other things, all good. Well, mostly <3

I hope that Keith knows how amazing I think he is and that the ONE day a year (Father’s day) isn’t the only time I tell him how great he is. He deserves to hear it ALL THE TIME.

While Stephanie and I went to the store to get some grub for the legendary Father’s Day BBQ, Keith took the boys + baby to the falls for a little photo sesh.

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Cameron took a lot of time coloring this frame for his ‘world’s best dad’. Because every dad needs one of these! His other present to Keith was LEARNING TO RIDE HIS BIKE! (no training wheels).  I was blown away!

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Later that day we went to the Gilstrap house for the BBQ and after Cameron showed his cousin, Jaden what he could do Jaden was super motivated not to let his little cousin show him up. Both boys learned to ride their bike on the same day! I can’t believe Cam learned before he even turned 4. I think it goes to show how much time and energy Keith put into working with him. Keith was proud of his little buddy.

We love you, Keith!

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