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I didn’t get a chance to post my favorite non-detail pictures from Jackson’s party. So, even though this is really late…well, I don’t care. I’m doing it :)


IMG_5973 IMG_5977

We got lots of “help”from the bigger kids during present time. Oye!


Grandma Jennifer made him a personalized rocking chair. He crawls up in that thing every chance he gets. Such a great gift!


He just really wasn’t too interested in his cake. Touching was pretty much out of the question…

IMG_6061IMG_6021 IMG_6012  IMG_6043 IMG_6052 IMG_6069

Perk of having the party at Cuppa Yo: Threw him in the sink after cake. Genius idea, K!


We had family staying with us after the party, Cameron was STOKED to have a backyard campout. Here he’s helping G-pa get the tent stakes in.


On Jackson’s actual birthday (Aug. 30), I wanted to take some pics. There were MANY super dysfunctional ones, here are the best I could do.

IMG_6105   IMG_6100

*We are without a working printer, I pulled this out of Cam’s memory box. He took a picture with this same paper, see the date on the bottom?*



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