Our boys LOVE each other. Jackson’s face lights up when Cameron walks into the room. Cameron loves to hug and wrestle with Jackson (that wrestling part isn’t that awesome). Jackson is starting to hug Cameron and give kisses. Just precious!

IMG_6171 IMG_6172


Each boy has such a different personality! Cameron is just super wild. I’m not saying badly behaved (though he has his moments) but he’s 1000% boy.  He has no fear. He wears capes and loves Power Rangers. He always has a chocolate ring around his lips.

Just a few weeks ago we found ourselves at Urgent Care: 3 stitches in the back of the head. You wouldn’t have known he had a gaping, bloody wound in the waiting room. He was running around crashing into things, making sound effects and everything. Energetic. I know it’s just a matter of time before he jumps off the roof trying to fly. He’s totally that kid!


IMG_6202 IMG_6205 IMG_6220

With his preschool buddies at Jaden’s birthday party

IMG_6223 IMG_6241 IMG_6242


Jackson wants nothing but love. And freedom to roam. He just FINALLY cut his first teeth, 2 in the same day and it seems there are more on the way. So we’ve been eating a lot of purees. He’s not walking, but cruising along anything he can get his hands on. Gives such cute kisses, loves clapping and signing “all done”. The bottle is gone (he had NO problem with that, unlike his stubborn brother) and he’s just along for the ride. So laid back and relaxed. God gave us exactly what we needed with this little guy, I can’t imagine our crazy life with a high-strung baby. He’s also pretty photogenic if I do say so myself

IMG_6152 IMG_6174 IMG_6177  IMG_6248 IMG_6254


  1. They really are so cute!! What a great experience for them to be brothers! Love it.


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