Psssst! Here's the link to the new December Pictures. It's also at the top of this page. And I'm warning you...we took a TON of pictures this month. Tis the season! :)

We had such a fabulous day yesterday. Cameron's present to mommy and daddy wasn't one beneath the tree. The kid slept in longer than he ever has in recorded history! Woo-hoo! 8:10. We are usually up by 6:30, so this was a welcome surprise. Cameron had fun opening present after present...he really started to understand the whole idea of getting a new present and realizing it was something fun beneath all that pretty (and fun!) wrapping paper.

We hung around our place all afternoon until we left for Redlands for Christmas dinner at the Millsom house. Here are Colin and Katie, they are our friends who invited us over to Colin's parent's house. The Millsom parents are cool because they are 100% Scottish and although they've been in the States for 25+ years, they still have that rad accent. On top of that, they had Scottish relatives visiting from Canada [they live there now] whose accents were even thicker! It was a challenge to completely understand what they said, but we were both so in love with how they sounded when they spoke. Wouldn't it be cool to have a different accent than we do in America (what?! We don't have an accent. HAHA!)

[Colin and Katie wearing their Christmas (cracker) crowns. These crowns are some sort of Euro tradition that I think we like enough to have at our house. Who doesn't like an excuse to wear a crown?]

A big thanks to all of our friends and family who helped make Christmas 2008 so great. We love you guys!


  1. Yeaa Baylee slept in all super late on Christmas too!! til like 10! usually she's up around 8:30! Looks like you had a blast! thanks for the lil shorts!!!

  2. I love the video of Cam and Colin! So cute!


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