I'm not working so...

Apparently I think I'm some sort of artistic genius. During Cam's afternoon nap I decided to play around with my camera and take snap a few shots of Christmas details around the house.

I also took some of our favorite pictures from Hawaii, mostly of Cameron, and turned them into a similar collage. I guess I have nothing better to do at the moment...?

By the way, here's a set of interesting pictures from today. I was in the middle of folding some laundry and found our son with women's underwear on his head. Not by accident either. It was completely intentional and he thought it was the funniest thing EVER. I'm not sure how we are supposed to interpret this...? But it was pretty cute!


  1. Love the collages. I am never cool enough to figure out how to do those. As for Cameron, watch out you two, he is going to be quite the little mister! Much love.

  2. amazing. gurl you've got some talent with the camera!=)
    Cam is cute! He loves his mommy sooo much that he wants to rock her undies on his head!

  3. The picture of Cameron with the underware is too funny!


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