Bursting at the seams with San Diego goodness

Cam and I met Keith last night here in San Diego (he is here for a Middle School Teacher conference, remember?). While he was in sessions learning to improve his instruction of America's youth, we went to the zoo. Our passes expire at the end of this month so this is definitely going to be the last time we ever see that place.

Isn't it ironic that we should find the best part of the zoo on our last visit? Instead of turning right at the entrance, we turned left. And what do I see? The "children's zoo" including a petting zoo! WHAT?! Cameron was totally into it!

[Fun at the petting zoo]

Here are some more zoo pictures from today:

[I wish I could remember what these creatures are called - cousins of
giraffes but they have zebra legs and bodies! So crazy to watch!]

[Tiger! Grrrr....]


We will drive home tomorrow in the afternoon - we are hoping to head to the beach for a quick photo shoot - what else? :)

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