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We recently ordered a new piece of luggage for our trip in a couple of weeks. I found a coupon code for free shipping + 15% off and realized it was actually cheaper for me to add a couple of things to my cart and apply the code then to only order the luggage. Cam scored some sweet "beaver" gear. I found an Orange jersey...we just need to iron on some cool black letters (but it's a size 5/6 - the smallest they had...guess he'll be swimming in that this season! ha!). I also snatched up a super soft fleece kid scarf. He already had orange on today so this scarf was totally fresh!

He's also doing a great job of communicating with mommy and daddy lately! We've been working on signing for a few months, adding a new sign here and there. It really helps as he learns words to sign them at the same time, especially since so many of his words sound so similar! Here he is telling mommy he wants more grub:

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