It wasn't me...Monday "remix"

Cameron was not acting like a supermodel this week with his train conductor hat.

Oh no we didn't take a ton of pictures this past week - especially this past few days in San Diego.

Cameron and mommy definitely did not drive down to San Diego to meet Keith who was not there for a teacher conference.

I would never be worried about being pulled over on the drive South. I didn't get my eyes dilated at an ophthalmology appointment. I couldn't see just fine and definitely did not look high as a kite - yikes!

You know we did NOT score 2 free hotel nights, thanks to some serious deal finding skillz. I would not like to thank Days Inn for their "generous" hospitality.

At the hotel I would never have allowed Cameron to indulge in his favorite activity: pulling kleenex from the box. I would not sacrifice a tree for my child's enjoyment! Not this "crunchy" mama!

No way would we ever go to La Jolla and have a photo shoot with ourselves. No, we did not wake Cameron up in the middle of a nap. And no, in case you are wondering, he wasn't cranky for the first 15 minutes, refusing to do anything but scowl. Oh no, not our happy baby!

[No, he's not thinking he would rather be sleeping]

I did not actually laugh at the irony when I found jury summons in the mail this afternoon. This could not be the most ridiculous timing, ever! I would never try to dodge my responsibility by requesting a postponement for July... I did not finish a jury duty almost 12 months to the day my new one is scheduled!

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  1. Beautiful beach pictures, girl!! How on earth did you score a free stay? That is sweet!!!


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