Have you ever...

...sent out an email to a bajillion people and then realized you just made yourself look pretty stupid? Yup, it happened to me though I can say it isn't the first time :) This morning I got an email from an old college friend asking for my updated contact information. She had made this cool google document ... it was a form - something fancy-looking. Looks simple enough, I thought. So I created my form and prepared to send it. Here comes the "fun" part.

Google does not make this easy. Not for me anyway. There are about 3 different screens they give you the option to email and I still wasn't ever quite sure I was emailing the correct one. If you got one of my emails I think you know what I mean. Oh man was I confused.

It's not that I don't do well with technology. Oh no. In fact, I consider myself to above-average intelligence when it comes to things of this nature.

Did you know I sent this email out to SEVENTY contacts in my email? Yes, that's right - 70. Many of whom are people I haven't really seen for at least a couple of years and rarely email. How nice, they must be thinking, to get an email from Melissa that is totally worthless! From what I can tell it's a dead-end link and/or a link to a somewhat confusing screen that only the creator of the form was intended to see. Soooo dumb!!! So, I might was well post it here. That way my efforts aren't for nothing. What a total mess!

All I wanted to do was have all my contacts in one place, sheesh!


  1. dont let the technology keep you down. its the MANS plan.

  2. That's some fancy stuff! I have done the same thing, hence why I now always make sure I haven't hit the "reply to all" button. And for the record, I didn't get that email. :)

  3. Hey girlie! Bummer about the email deal...that is a pretty cool little gadget though-I must say!

    Ok--Sleepeasy...(sorry if this is long and you were just asking to ask :), but just in case... :)

    Basically, Isaac was waking up EVERY night at 11, 2, and 4 and since Sammy and him sleep in the same room, we fed him and put him back to bed each time. We had no idea we were making things worse by doing that. So with the SES, it helped us to wean him by instructing us to wake him up at 10, 1 and 3

    (an hour before each wake up time so that YOU have control over when he eats and that he isn't expecting to eat if he wakes up every time...dude if I woke up and someone fed me each time I would go to town too! ;)

    and the since he originally was getting 4 oz or breastfeeding, I would just feed him 3 oz the first night each time, then the next night 2 oz, then the next night 1 oz, then the 4th night nothing.

    Yes, it is basically crying it out too. The first night, the one that you saw on the blog :), he cried for nearly and hour :(. The book has you go in at 5 minutes and not touch them but give them a little pep talk (I love you, it's ok, go ni-night and I will see you in the morning) and not stay in longer than 30 seconds. Then if he is still crying, go in at 10 minutes from that check in, then 15 minutes from that one and so on.

    Isaac started sleeping LONG hours by the 4th night. By the 5th he woke up once due to his nose being plugged up and so I suctioned him and put him back in bed. Then at 1 week (Thursday) he is sleeping from 8pm - 7am. SO WONDERFUL! No wake ups and he goes to bed awake! The idea is to get him to put himself to sleep.

    The other thing is to get a bedtime routine. We give him his last bottle around 7:15, then at 7:30 its bath time. Then 7:45 in his room for diaper, pj's a book and a song. Then 7:55 (roughly) we pray with him and lay him down and he doesn't even flinch. He is awake, but once in his crib knows it is time to sleep, so he does. AMAZING!

    Girl if you are having issues at all with your little cutie, you have got to try this book!

    Anyhow, I bet you are sorry you asked (hahaha) but since I was so stoked about sleeping and all, I thought I would share in case you were having any trouble in that area.

    Are you guys going tomorrow to the hockey game? Hope to see you there!!

    <>< Veronica

  4. oh, and hey lady---I tried to add you on facebook but it won't let me?? :)


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