It's wedding season!

Yup, we headed up to Oregon for 4 days of wedding-mania. As a bridesmaid (aka BM - hahahaha) who lives very far away from the rest of all those things wedding-related the past year, I made sure to be as close to Kandas' slave as possible. LUCKILY she wasn't one of those crazy brides who freaks out at the drop of a pin, so it was a good experience :)

Having known her for 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) years of my life, it was a pleasure to have been able to stand beside her as she became Mrs. Wesley Young. The wedding was fantastic with the exception of one bratty flower girl - but hey, if that was the worst of it we can all consider it a pretty good evening!

Not much to say really...here are some pics from the big day. Special thanks to Keith who agreed to lug the camera around all day and try to get some shots. Don't you think indoor pictures are always the hardest? They almost always turn out blurry. Keith did a great job :) THANKS, honey!

[just pretend that no one is looking at us...]

[kandas + wes = Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Young]

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