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Geeze I'm finding myself really unmotivated to blog lately. I don't know what my problem is. I think because we are in someone else's house and knowing that it takes so long to sort through all my pictures is sometimes overwhelming. Can I get a what, what from all you excessive picture takers out there? You know who you are! You could say I've lost my groove. Booo!

Have no fear, I am overcoming adversity just for you! Here are some of my most favorite pictures from the past week or so.

[Time for some gooooood grub]

[Terrorizing the pizza joint]

[Baylee is such a good girl!]

[Trying to steal Everest's food...again!| Everest realizes he just got duped]

[Skateboarding Buttboarding with daddy!]

[Spring! But I do think Mother
Nature went straight to summer for SoCal]

[What could be more fun than a box?]

["eating" a yogurt]

[Heading to time out...he's found
himself in a lot of those lately]

I am excited for this weekend. Last night we decided to book a last-minute stay in Newport Beach. Thanks to Jannae's tip we got a sweet deal at the Hyatt - 50% off! Thank you, Priceline! I miss the beach. We are buddies - me and the ocean. Hoping to boogieboard it up and possibly get a tan in the process...

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  1. wait- dont we have your boogie boards??? oh and fyi I took the first 2 pictures that you posted...your welcome! jk! love ya!!


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