In the words of Yo Gabba Gabba....

Let's take a lesson from Yo Gabba Gabba. One of the best goodbye songs ever.

..goodbye, goodbye goodbye goodbye

goodbye see ya later...

we've had fun...

goodbye see ya later

and now we're done

goodbye see ya later

it was fun

goodbye see ya later

now were done

goodbye see ya later

don't be sad

we'll bounce back real soon

it's not so bad

goodbye good bye goodbye goodbye....

don't be sad, we'll come back and play very soon

...we won't forget you!

I'm gonna miss you guys...goodbye!

(or something like that. it's a cute song!)

...just remember, you can always see your friends again!

So many things to blog about. It's been a long, emotional week. So many goodbyes! I have a lot of pictures and stories I would like to share but it's too late and we have a lot of driving ahead of us tomorrow.

We are so thankful to each of you in California for so many things. You have been our family when we had no family. Doesn't sound like much but it really means the world to us. You mean so much to us. Yes I am talking to YOU!

Keith's job interview is on Monday at 11:00 AM with Madras High School. It is an opening for a math teacher. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers because it is obviously an opportunity to secure a job, which neither of us has done yet.

I don't know what the internet situation will be like yet, so I can't say when I'll have an update up...but that doesn't matter. Please, please, please stay in touch! We've told people we plan to visit and WE DO! but I hope that isn't just something we say to make it easier to leave. Please keep us accountable so we make sure to see you all again someday.

Well, it's been 4 years here and we've accomplished a lot and met some amazing people. But it's time for us to go. You are always welcome in Redmond, Oregon and have a place to stay with Los Claytons - whoever you are! (*unless you are a scary stalker...then you can't stay.)

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[see? It's really not THAT far, right?!]

So for now Los Claytons are signing off. Much love. Hasta la Vista!


  1. it's official! you are a blogging slacker! the blogging world feels disconnected from you...helloooo hellooo helloooo did you hear that echo? well it's cuz it's like the blogging world is empty without you! Come on..just start typing..show us pics of your new home..the trees..the hics...the lakes...the family and most of all..my main man Cameron! If it's hard to know where to start I will help: "Hello world! Remember me? I am Melissa and I miss my friend Jannae A LOT! Anyway..here are a few pics of my new life:"


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