Making a comeback

Since our last post...

  • it's been 13 days
  • nearly 1500 miles of total traveling
  • I've shed lots of tears
  • we've all shared lots of smiles
  • we've received some disappointing news
  • heard a little bit of hopeful news
  • spent lots of good times with family
  • Keith celebrated a birthday
  • unpacked our life
  • settled into our new house
  • and there have been lots of fun little stories in between

[politely kissing California goodbye]

[saying goodbye to Baylee..and the Thompsons...WAAAAAHHHH!]

[Chad...I give him a lot of crap but he is a pretty awesome guy]

[Chad and Michelle were helping us move on their 5 year wedding anniversary. True friends indeed. We really appreciate everything. What amazing people to have in our lives]
[Christian was part of the amazing crew
that came out to help empty our storage unit into
our ginormous, 26' truck. He and Stephanie (and Brooke!) are yet another family we already miss more than words]

[leaving in T-minus 5 minutes. I think my eyes are
so puffy because I had been crying for what
seemed like a week straight :( ]

[sometimes I got to lead but I always
ended up getting too far ahead]

[a thousand miles of this at 60 MPH...]

[it took about 15 hours of driving to finally
see this sign. We went through a lot for this picture!]

[we made it]

[how could you not love this...]

[The night we drove in...Cam and his cuz Jaden = buddies!]

[this is why we came back - 4 generations - it's all about family]

[We had to move earlier than planned so Keith could interview for a high school math position in Madras. I would have hired him. He looked GOOD! He wasn't offered the job but we know God has a plan.]

[to return our Penske moving truck we had to travel about
2.5 hours to Eugene. It was no problem since my dad
and his family just moved there. Perfect time for a visit!]

[My dad has these huge trees on his property.
It's like a forest in the middle of this subdevelopment. Cool.]

[Bekah and Rachel were so helpful - they read to him for
30 minutes each of the 5 nights we were there!]

[we went boating at Cougar reservoir while visiting Springfield]

[co-piloting with grandpa bill]

[backflip, baby!]

[It was such a great day for boating]

[Cam was swimming in the nude and his happy
strap was right up his crack. FUNNY!]

[you got that right!]

[LOVED "jumping" on the trampoline]

[Poison oak on my dad's property? Perhaps...]

[fun times at the park]

[obviously this kid is a genious. He can already spell his name!]

[walking to the park with Aunties
Bekah and Rachel in Springfield]

[holding hands with auntie Rachel (age 10) in Eugene]

[Cam with his great-grandpa. CUTE!]

[ the Three Sisters ... sooo gorgeous.
Stuff like this can be seen 360 degrees, folks]
[A friend of mine was in town and we visited the
fish hatchery. We hadn't been since 2nd grade!]

[Our official move-in day was Keith's birthday. We hosted a pretty serious BBQ with about 20+ family members. Talk about breaking the place in!]

There is so much more to tell! I will have to post some pics of our new place...we have been waiting soooo long to have a place of our own again. Up until yesterday we were living with the former tenants whose house closed yesterday. They moved out and we had to wait in order to fully move in. God was definitely trying my patience! I am happy to say we are all sprawled out and are very happy.

Keith's birthday was yesterday as well. We couldn't really start moving any of our stuff in from the garage until about noon and we had 20+ people coming over at 5:00 for a BBQ! Seriously it was an insane day and we couldn't have done it without the help and understanding of our family. Keith got a grill for his birthday, so it was fun to watch him break it in. Grill master is not joking around. He's good, folks. :)

Tomorrow Keith's bro (and wife :) are bringing over 2 of their kids. They are headed to Reno for a long weekend as her brother gets married. We will have them until Tuesday. It is going to be nuts! Jaden (mel's sister's 4 year old) is here for the day PLUS a friends' 5 year old is spending the night so that we can work around our friend's work schedule so they can hang out with us on the holiday. So yes we will be responsible for FIVE kids all at once. WHAT?! I think it's safe to say we have a crazy few days ahead of us.

And can I just say how much I miss having all of you SoCal people around? It would be so much better if you were here too. Just move here already! Just joking...sort of.


  1. I love it! Thanks for posting all that! I loved seeing all the pictures and seeing how peaceful Oregon is! =)
    Love ya and miss you lots! It is becoming more real that you are GONE and not on a vacation! boo

  2. Looks like you guys are doing great!! Can't wait to see pics of the new place! Congrats!! We miss you!!


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