Backtracking...hanging out with Natalie and Sam

Since it's been so long since our last post, I wanted to go back and share a few pictures and stories from some of the cool stuff we've done the past week or so.

As I mentioned before - we were in charge of 2 of the 3 (other) Clayton kids, Natalie (almost 8) and Sam (just turned 3 in March) for 5 days. They spent the 4th of July with us as well and we did have lots of fun if I remember correctly :)

[reading the day they got dropped off - here is Jaden (another nephew) and Sean is on the other end, he was going to stay with Grandpa Craig and Nani Kari]

[having fun in our sweet pool - Natalie, Cam and Jaden]

[Spending the 4th at the Deschutes, floating the length of the river is popular and FUN]

[fun but the water was COOOLD - it was seeping in with Keith]

[how YOU doin'?]

[Sam enjoyed him some cherries, can you tell?]

[cherries, yumm]

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