We have a pool!

...Oregon style! :)

We've been busy, busy around here! While trying to unpack we've had a decent amount of family around, helping us get settled. Keith's brother and sister-in-law flew to Reno for her brother's wedding and needed a place for their 3 children to stay. We volunteered to watch 2 of them, knowing the grandparents would be equipped to watch the third. Natalie and Sam were here for 5 days - it was interesting to see what our life would be like with 3 kids. Fun! Definitely work but fun at the same time.

So, last night was the first time in 3.5 months that we have slept completely alone under any roof. Seriously.

We are still settling into our new Oregon life. Even though we grew up here it's changed so much in the last 5+ years, we have to re-learn a few things. Things like finding the best grocery store, where to rent a movie, who we are supposed to get internet through...lots of "fun" things. So, for a while it may be sort of boring. We do plan to meet up with my dad and his family for a boating adventure, so stay tuned for a recap :)

In the meantime, here are a couple pics from around the house...

[Cameron would like to say hi!]

You would not believe the sunset we had the other night. These were taken from the back yard. We have the most amazing view back there!


  1. Ive been wondering what your home looks like! I miss ya mel! But feel a tib bit better that I atleast know you are living in a home..with a roof...and a pool..and a great view. Cam seems to be surviving with out Baylee..but I thought I saw a piece of his heart missing..considering he did leave a piece here for Baylee to hold onto! Anyway-I am ready for you to come back to Cali and be done with your Oregon Vacation...that's what I keep thinking..she's on a vaca and coming back soon! sighhhhhh. we love all of you and can't wait for our first trip to visit! (ps: nick and amberlee are coming up to visit her parents..leaving tomorrow/thurs)

  2. Love the new place!! Great sunset!!

  3. I'm ready to come stay with you next time it gets hot. Hope your ready for a whale in your pool ;)


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