Not Me Monday!

The following did NOT happen for us this past week:

1. We did not put on our "bar faces" (whatever that means...) and leave the kids at home to support our friends, Necktie Killer at their show. They are not starting to BLOW UP in Central Oregon and I don't think they deserve every ounce of success they receive. We have no idea where these guys came from and we didn't go to high school with any of them. It wasn't weird to walk into a small town bar and see so many faces in the crowd from our past. Time warp!

2. You didn't already know Keith had a TON of interviews this week and we didn't get good news today. I won't post more details when a decision has been made on our end. We are not praising God for all the good things he's done for us!

3. We didn't sit out in the garage for over an hour with Stephanie & Jaden to watch the mother of all thunder and lightning storms. No way was it amazing!

[the umbrella was crucial for Jaden]

[after the storm]

[we happened to have this mason jar open on
our back patio during the storm. A solid inch of rain!]

[what an amazing way to end the day! out our back window...]

4. Keith would have never taken my prissy (not really prissy! :) self camping with the G-Straps near Stein's Pillar in Prineville.

[this is what you get when you send the girls to get water.
channeling our inner-African divas]

[is there something in my teeth?]

[we nestled our tents up under this tree just in case there was a storm]

[playing horsies with steph]

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