Can you believe our little guy is turning two in just a few, short weeks? Neither can we. This page was created so you can learn a little bit about what Cameron is interested in these days. If you feel compelled to get him a small gift, maybe the following will help.

Now that he’s into the toddler stage, Cam seems to appreciate:
  • Trucks/Cars
  • Airplanes
  • Trains aka choo-choos
  • BOOKS!!!
  • Balls
  • Hats/ball caps like daddy
  • Cartoon movies, any VHS from GoodWill does the trick!
  • Skateboards
  • Drawing/chalk – markers are still pretty scary in his hands, though!
  • He will soon be wearing 2T, though he has a TON of clothes already (thanks for all the hand-me-downs, everyone!)
  • Cameron is still sleeping in his crib, but soon we will be putting him in a toddler bed and …
  • He will have a wild, wild west (COWBOY) theme for his room (hence the party theme)

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