My favorite color is dirt

When we moved in, one of the first things we noticed was the obvious lack of grass at our place. Instead, we have what I like to call a dirt pit out back. It’s nice for us because there is zero upkeep and, although it’s not grass, it’s still nice for the boys because they can just go back there and have at it. The downside is the mess afterwards, but how hard is it to run a bath? Plus, they get to do cool stuff like this:

May 2010 003May 2010 001  May 2010 007

[yes, Cameron’s shirt has Santa on it. Ho, ho, ho! ]


  1. One of my favorite childhood memories involved a mud pit, so I see nothing wrong with a pile of dirt. Besides...I live in the desert and there is no way that we're paying for the upkeep of grass here. I hope all is well!

  2. HOLY BIG KID! Cam looks so grown up! B would love to come play in the dirt with him!! Miss ya!


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