Last minute. and much to read.

Yup, I am 39 weeks to the day. Surely by now I thought I would have a baby in my arms. Cameron was born at 38 weeks, 5 days – then I was not working and just sat around and waddled through the day. Now, I am still working (more on that in a sec) and thought all this activity could be used to my advantage as baby time neared. NOPE! I am more pregnant than ever and as a result, more irritated than ever! How this is happening, heaven only knows.

The week between my birthday (16th) and our anniversary (23rd) we both FOR SURE “knew” we would have a new baby and be sort of off the hook in terms of celebrating our 7th anniversary. We were caught pretty off guard to be without a baby and a whole day on our hands we were supposed to be celebrating us but had no idea what we should do.

Keith did a great job on his end, picked up a dozen GORGEOUS red, long stem roses (how lame that I didn’t take a picture and even now as they sit on the counter I am still too lazy to take a pic so you can see). We did have a great day, breakfast at my favorite spot with the boys and a rented movie at home (I was SOOO EXHAUSTED that day to do anything) and a great seafood dinner in the evening. Super low-key but totally awesome and appropriate!

Here is the only non-goobery picture we could manage to take of the 2 of us that day…

August 2010 051


I can’t believe it’s already been a year since this post and this post! What a difference 12 months can make!

Cameron is madly in love with riding his bike. It’s so fun to watch him improve each time! We can’t believe he’s growing so much right in front of our eyes! We will miss having him as an only child but know he’s going to be a phenomenal big brother!

 August 2010 052 August 2010 053 August 2010 057 August 2010 072

all along, my plan was to work at Cuppa Yo until the I gave birth. Since the baby is taking longer this time, Keith is worried I’m working too hard and that’s the reason. Not sure if there’s anything to that or not, but he’s been so sweet and basically covering almost all of my hours. What a stud! I must say, I’m very appreciative of the break! I love my man!

Dear Jackson, I am so sorry but you have the LAMEST mother in the world. I just only recently finished your room and haven’t bothered to hang much on the walls or complete any of the details of your room. I guess there’ll be no Elle Decor photo shoot at our house. So sorry. Maybe if you came out I would feel more motivated to fix the situation.

August 2010 083

Holy cow! After looking at this photo, it seriously looks like a bomb went off in there. I swear it looks better than this but definitely could stand to be tidied up! That nice looking pile on the changing table is my hospital suitcase waiting to be finished. Can you tell I’m just exhausted? I didn’t even care to move it for the sake of a picture. Call the waaaahmbulance!

August 2010 077 August 2010 078 August 2010 082 

Come out, baby Jackson!

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