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Keith took Cam to a monster truck rally this past weekend, pretty sure that’s a 3-year-old’s dream come true. I guess it was really loud but he still loved it!

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Jackson is now five months old and is such a great baby. He naps great during the day, but for the life of me I cannot get him to sleep more than a 3.5-5 hour stretch (MAX) at night.  He falls always asleep on his own, without rocking or nursing so I’m really confused as to why he wakes up so much – he seems to have mastered the art of self-soothing. If I have one thing to complain about, it’s that we’re still up several times a night. SO, boo to that. I’m sure he’ll be sleeping through the night soon, but not until he’s ready – seems to be a trend with both of our kids. When they’re ready! Boogers!


  1. OMG, Jason wanted to take Cruz to the monster truck rally, but we were worried about all the fumes. We saw an indoor rally at the fair a few years ago and we both about passed out.

  2. Miss those munchkins, and u guys of course :)

  3. YOur boys are so cute! And don't worry about the sleeping thing. Zeke is 6 months and still up a couple times at night. It will all work out soon enough and until then we just take it one night at a time.
    I wish we lived closer, because I think it'd be fun to hang out together and our kids would have fun together!


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