These few weeks have been busy and fun. We’ve found ourselves transitioning – juggling more work (store #2 opened 2 weeks ago) and summer activities. Summer is the best time to live in Central Oregon! Seriously.

Cameron will be 4 in three months. I’m just going to put this out there: he’s a genius. And funny. And perfect in every way. I’m joking but we are amazing at this kid. His personality is HUGE and he says/does things to keep us laughing constantly.

He’s loving showers and has taken an interest in letters and spelling. Names are big for him right now. He knows all of our whole names and is pretty proud of himself. Here he asked for help to spell all of our names (not Jackson, must’ve forgot :). We ran out of a few letters, so we had to get creative.

July 2011 003 July 2011 004 July 2011 007 July 2011 011 July 2011 017

Jackson is ENORMOUS. At his last appointment he was off the charts in height. I don’t recall where he was weight-wise but I do know he’s right around 22 pounds. Flippin large. I was so over carrying him around in his infant car seat! He’s still rear-facing but he’s riding in style in his new big boy (non baby) seat.

July 2011 029

Los Claytons went for an adventure along a new trail. Cameron insisted on keeping his Lightning McQueen backpack on for the entire thing (funny since he hasn’t mentioned the pack once since then but he was so attached that day…)

July 2011 041 July 2011 059 July 2011 080 July 2011 094 July 2011 103 July 2011 117

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  1. Please make sure Cam can still spell B-A-Y-L-E-E! His girl misses him!
    By the way..holy huge shower? that thing looks like it could fit a family of 9.
    That trail looks beautiful!
    Jackson looks so cute in his big carseat!
    Congrats on all the fun Yo-Business! SO exciting!
    Love ya and miss you!


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