The biggest announcement ever…

…okay I admit it, I lured you here under false pretenses. There’s no announcement.


But I had to. You see, I’m afraid our little blog is no longer relevant since I only update …well, pretty much never. I started wondering why I even keep it up at all when I have such a problem making time to do it. I realized because it’s more for me than anything! I love looking at old posts and reading about memories we’ve made these past 3ish years. I have problems remembering what happened yesterday so this blog is almost completely for me. So, even though I no longer had the time for it, this blog is around for the long haul. If you’re still here reading, thanks :)

So…what’s new? I have no idea. I think my approach will be to post a few pictures and spread the posts out over the next few weeks. I will say it was a busy summer.  I haven’t cooked a complete meal in months, Keith and I work mostly split shifts – “single” parenting has been a challenge, and we are just trying to juggle everything. We are sooo blessed – this season of our life is all about transition with a capital T. Transition. As in, not forever. I hope.

I did find 503 pictures on my SD card from the last 2 or so months. I promise I will not post all of them. Just some of my faves :) It might be best to start with the most recent and work backward…

Last weekend we went to our one and only OSU football game for the season. It’s going to be a tough year for our beavs but you won’t find any fair-weather fans in this family. Our team is bad but we still wear orange :) We’ve taken Cameron 3 times now, it’s becoming sort a tradition – we took Jackson when he was just a few weeks old last year too.


I like this picture because all three boys are here. And Keith looks happy :)

IMG_6272 IMG_6277

We went’with some college friends, they have a 6 month old posterchild for colic. They call him Screamy. Anyway, it was super challenging to keep Cameron from hurting himself/jumping on me/jumping on our friends/jumping on everyone in our section…you get the point.  In his (and my) defense, we did drive 2.5 hours to the game and then he had to stay still and watch a game he knew nothing about. Either way, it was super hard and exhausting but Keith assures me these memories are worth it. I believe him but DANG I think I can wait another year before trying that again.


IMG_6278 IMG_6286

More interested in the treats at the concession stand than the game. It’s all good.



  1. I like your posts, and I totally can totally relate to running out of time but wanting to keep it up...I'm in the same boat. You think you have it rough as a Beavers fan...but I still root for them and my new team...which is just as bad! Take care!

  2. I feel the same way about my blog..it's so fun to look back and just see what I went through 2 years ago..vs now..:) Love reading your posts when you do! :)


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